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Metageni develop customised machine learning models of customer journeys to help our clients unlock new growth opportunities. Clients like LexisNexis, Bathstore and Giffgaff use our models for marketing attribution and website optimisation.


Our goal is to help you make smarter decisions about your online customer interactions. Metageni applies world class thinking and technology to predict sales and customer goals using predictive machine learning algorithms.


Machine learning technologies offer powerful new ways to identify and measure sales drivers and find actionable opportunities. We work in partnership with our clients to develop these advanced models and generate data stories which highlight new opportunities to grow.


Metageni was founded in 2015 by data science and research veterans Gabriel Hughes, formerly of Google, and Amit Maheswari formerly of Kantar. Their aim is the creation of a new kind of analytics capability serving the needs of senior decision makers. With over 20 years experience in quantitative analytics research, Metageni believe we are at a turning point where intelligent analytical systems can unlock the full value of your data.