Ben Taylor

CEO & Co-Founder, Rainbird Technologies

Ben Taylor is CEO and co-founder of Rainbird Technologies. His vision is to make cognitive reasoning technology and transparent automated decision making more accessible to subject matter experts within business.

Ben first studied Artificial Intelligence in the late 90’s.  After completing his degree, he went on to specialise in expert system technology in the digital publishing market.  He created algorithms for digital layout and innovated new ways of optimising printing workflow. He joined Adobe as a Computer Scientist in 2004, where he worked on Adobe Acrobat and the PDF format, focusing specifically on developing high-speed Raster Image-Processing.

He then joined a startup transforming the motor insurance industry using AI.  As Director of Technology, Ben led the technical development of an award-winning AI system which became a market leader in the motor claims arena.

His experience of the complexities involved in capturing human expertise in software, lead him to prototype Rainbird. 

Rainbird was accepted by the prestigious Techstars business accelerator in 2014 and is now working with the world’s largest enterprises, tackling some of their biggest problems.