“One challenge to AI is government regulation - it’s evolving all the time and needs to be adapted to.” James Loft, CEO, Aigen

Over 60 speakers will be joining 700+ attendees at this year’s AI Tech World, taking place on the 29th of November at Olympia Conference Centre.

One speaker, James Loft, is a graduate of knowledge management from Loughborough University and has worked extensively in innovation and new technologies within transport and financial services. Culminating in the running of an Artificial Intelligence consultancy firm that helps companies make AI tools fit their businesses rather than the other way around. His mission is to de-mystify the world of ‘Applied AI’ for organisations and users to level the playing field for the progression of the technology now, rather than as a vision for the future. 

James, who is CEO of Gold Sponsor Aigen took some time to complete the speaker Q&A:


1.       How are you using, or planning to use AI in your business?

We are an AI technology business. We focus on helping businesses innovatively and securely solve complex problems. AI-powered systems are applicable to complex decisions in a range of industries, such as FS, law, healthcare, insurance and retail. There’s plenty of room for expansion.


2.       What benefits do you expect to see from using AI?

We expect AI to truly transform the way businesses work. Organisations will be streamlined from front to back - at the front end, personalized and intelligent customer service via human-like chatbots, and internally, collectivised expertise and faster task completion. Standards will be raised, costs will be reduced, regulators will be satisfied, and customers will be more engaged than ever before.


3.       Do you have any concerns about implementing AI?

The market is still in a place where organisations are willing to experiment with their innovation budgets, but hesitant to fully commit to digital transformation. Our concern is how organisations get over this hurdle and have faith in change - but the signs are good. Organisations are beginning to fully realise the need to adapt to thrive. As an industry we need to help make that path as clear as possible.


4.       What do you consider to be the major challenges?

One challenge to AI is government regulation - it’s evolving all the time and needs to be adapted to. For example, GDPR giving consumers the ‘right to an explanation’ for any decision made about them places new demands on the accountability of AI. We see this as an opportunity as well as a challenge.


5.       How do you think trust around AI can be generated?

First and foremost, I think it’s important that people understand how AI comes to the decisions it makes. AI needs to be as transparent as possible and provide rationale with every conclusion so that any unintended biases can be spotted and removed.
It will help for people to have more of an understanding around how various AI systems work. There’s something of a ‘fear of the unknown’ when it comes to people’s perception of AI, so the more people become acquainted with its practical functions, the better. That can happen in a variety of ways - education is one of course, but it will also happen naturally as more companies learn how to deploy AI, and as AI transparency increases in the market place.


6.       What impact could AI have on your customers’ experience?

AI can enable businesses to offer large-scale consistent customer experiences - but can also tailor those experiences to each individual. It can simplify the process and save time, but also make the customer feel more valued. For example, if a consumer is trying to book a holiday and has a range of criteria to do so, an artificially intelligent advisor can make nuanced recommendations based on a range of factors - the customer’s price range, their location and weather preferences, their hobbies. The resultant recommendation can be the ideal holiday for that particular customer, which makes their life a whole lot easier. Essentially, AI can give everyone the personalized service that only a well-informed human could previously offer, but faster and based on a full picture of information every time.


7.       Which industries could see the biggest benefit from AI?

AI is going to be useful in practically every industry, but particularly industries in which customer demand is for tailored service. In retail, for instance, intelligent chatbots can offer custom online shopping experiences. In healthcare too, custom treatment plans have huge potential.

It will also be prominent in industries that involve repetitive tasks, like finding anomalies from large data sets. AI is already having a massive impact in fraud detection in the financial industry, for example, which was an area sorely in need of more accurate real-time analysis.


8.       To what extent do you think machines could replace humans in the workplace?

Clearly some jobs are going to be at risk - that’s part of technological progress. RPA will be able to automate some of the more time-consuming and repetitive tasks in the workplace. But Rainbird’s technology for example has a different set of implications - we believe their use of AI has the potential to augment humans rather than replace them. With an organisation’s expertise encoded in a knowledge hub, as is possible with Rainbird, then that expertise is democratised, and every employee has the ability to be the best. Also, with AI automating the more menial tasks, such as sifting through reams of legal documents, human workers can be freed up to deliver great service - in fact it’s likely that more jobs of that kind will be created and replace the more repetitive tasks that AI can automate. It is our firmly held belief that AI will augment humanity - at work and at play.




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