David Pryce

Head of Data Science, Wandera

After finishing his Mathematics Masters from the University of Sheffield in 2010 David went straight into his Applied Mathematics PhD at Imperial College until 2014. Since then David has made the big leap into the Data Science industry. Jumping straight into a Big Four firm (KPMG) he was able to tackle various customer issues from a data and prospective predictive analytics viewpoint. He also gained valuable technical expertise in python, SQL, Hadoop, Scala, Apache Spark and various Machine Learning and Big Data technologies. With all these Data Science weapons in hand he decided to find more experience in a truly data driven and technically challenging environment so he joined us at Wandera. Here he has started to change the way Wandera tackles Data Science with reusable code, visualisation improvements and using Machine Learning in various applications as well as heading up the Behavioural Profiling research team.