Llewelyn Morgan

Service Manager: Infrastructure, Innovation & Development, Oxfordshire County Council

Llewelyn leads a service area within Oxfordshire County Council that encompasses transport, planning policy and strategy and early stage scheme development. Llewelyn has also built an outward focused Research and Innovation team, leading on developing innovative strategies. The Service also leads on development and support of innovative collaboration projects such as MobOx, Culham City (AV Test Bed), Zipabout, IUK projects such as the DRIVEN CAV2 project, One Transport data platform and the New V2G and CAV3 projects. These are delivered in partnership with Oxford’s and other UK/international Universities and private sector partners. Llewelyn leads work on developing collaborative approaches to real world problems; along with City Council Colleagues he established the Smart Oxford group with Oxford’s Universities, LEP and businesses to establish the vision for the Oxford City Region and develop collaborations, providing the opportunity for innovative organisations to meet Oxfordshire’s challenges and at the same time develop worldwide market opportunities.