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What is AI Tech World?

The Artificial Intelligence Event for Business Leaders
AI Tech World is a 2 day Conference, Exhibition and Festival, uniting over 2,500 industry leaders, tech innovators, decision makers and investors.

Hear from visionary keynotes, relevant case studies, and get to grips with the subjects that matter most to your business. Discover exactly how industry visionaries are breaking new ground within Artificial Intelligence.

A move to a unique new venue in 2018 – Printworks, SE16 – will give AI Tech World the canvas to create a more innovative and superior event experience befitting of the tech industry.

Join us on the 25th and 26th September in raising the bar for technology and business innovation events in London.
10 Reasons To Get Involved
1. SOLD OUT Global Event Series
We have won our investors’ trust by delivering real, measurable results.
2. One Size Does Not Fit All!
Our attendees are sourced based on the specific criteria provided by each individual client. This way we are able to meet our clients’ expectations which, understandably, vary from client to client.
3. 2nd Largest Geographical Market
Europe represents the second largest Blockchain market, with the UK leading the way. Through our show you will have direct face-to-face time with key technology buyers from across Europe.
4. Stand Shoulder To Shoulder With Other Leading Companies
Make your voice heard at the highest level and high alongside other leading innovators.
5. Increase Your Brand Visibility & Media Exposure
It is all about trust. Our show brings together leading media outlets and we offer dedicated marketing support to bring your brand to the forefront of the market.
6. Launch New Products
Add your solution alongside the most innovative products out in the market.
7. Targeted Connections
Gain access to over 2,500 leading technologists and innovators from across the value chain though dedicated networking services, facilitated meetings, round table discussions and the Connected Leaders Summit.
8. Competitive Edge
Acquaint with your competitors’ latest offerings and strategies and learn how to position yourself in this evolving industry.
9. Leading Technology Speakers
Our content led conference is developed through close contact with the market and our clear theme running throughout makes it much easier for us to attract the right type and calibre of attendee to the show.
10. Attention to Detail
How many other companies obsess over registration forms, finding the right intelligence from our attendees to share with partners and even the lanyard colour, double clip attachment or badge font that make it easiest for you to identify the contacts you want to meet? We do.

Get Involved in AI Tech World

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