“AI will be most effective when it is teamed together with humans working toward a goal” - Shareactor

ShareActor was founded and funded by Birger Lie in November of 2015. Based in Olso, he built up his team of expert developers, delivering rock solid business applications to start up and enterprise clients that were developed with the ShareActor platform.  

The goal was to make connecting resources easier by breaking down the common requirements of every business process into building blocks. Then, you wouldn't have to build the same things over and over, e.g., a payment process or a delivery scheduling module, every time you created a new application.

See the ShareActor interview below:


1. How are you using, or planning to use AI in your business?

Using a variety of machine learning tools, we're creating a versatile recommendation engine.  Item-item, matrix factorization or associations rules are a few examples.  We will also use AI for optimising pricing for products and services for our clients.  Our Platform also is structured to make future custom data science work faster, easier and more cost effective.


2.  What benefits do you expect to see from using AI?

We expect our APIs to allow our clients to provide features to their customers which they would not be able to do by themselves, and therefore to upgrade their services considerably. Similarities between products for faster browsing and product recommendations are but two examples. 


3.  Do you have any concerns about implementing AI?

Deployment of AI services is complicated and there are not enough mature technologies in that area. This is a difficulty we have experience solving, but a challenge nonetheless.


4. What do you consider to be the major challenges?

Deployment of the AI models, and dealing with different clients and needs on a single platform. This means generalizing many problems in a way which can be transferred between businesses without sharing their data.


5.  How do you think trust around AI can be generated?

Experience. As we use it more, it gets better. While we're seeing it provide excellent results on simulations, as it demonstrates it's capabilities on actual problems, more people will adapt to it in their daily lives.  More exposure to better experiences leads to more trust. 


6. What impact could AI have on your customers’ experience?

When there are many products, browsing is impossible, and a recommendations engine is crucial.  When pricing is chosen by humans, many times they miss nuances which a computer can figure out.


7. Which industries could see the biggest benefit from AI?

All industries where the companies have moved into automation. If it's automated, it is a repeating, predictable process.  That is where the biggest benefit from AI can be found today.


8. To what extent do you think machines could replace humans in the workplace?

AI will be most effective when it is teamed together with humans working toward a goal.  Just like automation eliminates some jobs, AI will have an effect on certain jobs in certain industries.  However, certainly in the near to mid term, replacing humans in the workplace is still science fiction.  Designing AI to do the things at which it excels and enabling humans to do what we still do much better than AI can is where the productivity revolution will take place.  


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